L I F E S T Y L E,   F A S H I O N,   J E W E L L E R Y   &   W A T C H E S   M A G A Z I N E
Editor's Note
Dear Readers,

Pakistan's gems & jewellery industry is gradually gaining a position of utmost importance acquiring position in the exporting commodities from the country. This industry of Pakistan is an emerging sector with immense potential for business development. The global demand of gold is more than 2500 tonnes and Pakistan's consumption is more than 100 tonnes which makes Pakistan world's 10th largest market. The good news is ECC also decided to lift the ban on the import of gold and gold jewellery, but tightened regulations for the importers aimed at discouraging smuggling, the maximum amount of gold imported under any single transaction should not exceed 10 kg. As we know Pakistan is also blessed with variety of gemstones. Gold demand in Asia will grow strongly in coming years. International Gold trends growth in demand for the precious metal is shifting East, to Asia's fast growing economies, and surely Pakistan gold industry will play its role in this transition.

Similarly Pakistan fashion industry is also growing rapidly, the significance of fashion industry is being realized in view of its huge potential for future expansion. Our Fashion Designing & Apparel industry is becoming an important dimension of Pakistan's economy due to its export potential worldwide. The culture of Pakistan has always been the focal point for all fashion designers in the Pakistani fashion industry. Whether it is dress or accessories, Pakistani fashion industry has always kept the aspect of pertaining to our traditional roots and heritage that are actually the main identity of Pakistan.

With Best Regards