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Mango Kids ventures into Karachi

Mango has launched a children's line Mango Kids. Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi was abuzz with attendees, as children took to a ramp to showcase Mango's spring/summer 2014 collection. A truly endearing sight, small boys in jeans, along with girls in colourful tops and shorts, strut their things as relatives and onlookers cheered them on.

Mango Kids, an prolongation of a Mango line itself, promises to broach what it is delivering worldwide, by adhering to general colour trends forecasts. The line, that was launched in Karachi. While articulate about it to Mango Pakistan CEO, Abid Umer, he said, "In today's universe we get to see that kids are as select as adults, so we are attack during a kids' conform market." Mango Kids will be targeting a immature market, from age of hardly 4 years to 12.

The store, that is an prolongation of Mango store itself, houses a new collection for kids, about that Nadine Al Rifai Imam, code manager Mango Pakistan said, "We are charity an sparkling collection for immature ones. As this is not a standalone store, there is though comparison accumulation accessible for now."

When asked what it is that creates Mango mount out, Imam said, "As a code manager, we would contend that this is a polished collection for kids. These kids demeanour like small adults. It's exclusive, it's a large further for us. Also, arrangement and merchandising is important, we try to uncover a business how they can brew and compare clothes; there is a selling preference on racks for usually about everyone!"

According to Iman, boots are a aim appendage that Mango skeleton on enhancing next. She also combined that if things go according to plan, Mango Kids will enhance to accommodate equipment for baby babies as well. While Mango stores are now benefaction usually in Karachi and Lahore, The code skeleton on creation a approach to Centaurus Mall, Islamabad by Jun this year.