L I F E S T Y L E,   F A S H I O N,   J E W E L L E R Y   &   W A T C H E S   M A G A Z I N E
Nofil Siddiqui Launched his tantalizing Lawn Collection

Nofil Siddiqui along with his brand manager Saad Abbasi and Mohammad Nasir Siddiqui opened the doors of Expo center on the evening welcoming media members and illustrious celebrities. The red carpet buzzed with excitement as film star Meera stepped on as the esteemed guest of Nofil Siddiqui, carrying her sybaritic aura along with her. While she was donned in an austere elegant outfit by Nofil looking absolutely breathtaking, Frieha Altaf was also present at the show, looking ever-green in a presidential blue embellished and embroidered dress from the collection.

The evening started off with a red carpet, followed by a fashion presentation by illustrious male and female model, as well as fresh faces of AIFD (Asian Institute of Fashion Design). Shaista Lodhi opened the show strutting the ramp, adorned in a floor length gown flattered into flares and belts, captivating the crowd by her presence. A band of male and female models followed her, all dressed in graphically patterned and vibrantly hued outfits which epitomized glamour.

The female models were dressed in gowns made of chiffon and lawn embroidered cloth which fell loose in rumpled luxury. Some were adorned into billowing dramatic versioned dresses, sheer blouses and fluid jumpsuits paired withclean-cut embodied jackets and flimsy chiffon capes.